ROI driven advertising software built for your eCommerce business

Let our Artificial Intelligence algorithms and easy to use funnel campaign builder do the hard work for you.

How Flobox makes your eCommerce Facebook advertising better

Use the latest technology to drive sales to your eCommerce website. No marketing knowledge required.


No advertising knowledge required

Create full funnel advertising campaigns, from driving new audiences to your site to retargeting lost audiences and bringing back existing customers.


enterpise-level advertising optimizations

Generate more sales through ROI driven optimizations from algorithms trained by expert marketers without needing expertise yourself.


Speaks like your in-house marketer

Get more insights and answers from Flobox, not meaningless data.

Extremely useful features for retail businesses

Full Funnel Advertising Strategy

Build and scale sophisticated Facebook Advertising funnels within 20 minutes. Creates high quality campaigns without the additional headcount.

Audience Optimization

Our proprietary audience optimization algorithm analyses thousands of demographic data points to find, test and deploy new audiences that are likely to convert.

Budget Optimization

Our budget optimization algorithm boosts your business's ROI by automatically reallocating budget from poor performing audiences to high performing audiences.


Choose a pricing plan that works for you.

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Put your ad campaigns on autopilot and let us grow your customer base.