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Programmatic Campaign Setup

Multi-touch Campaigns

When you get started with Flobox, our in-house expert will spend time to gather key business & audience data, which will be feed into our system to generate the best campaign structure to maximize result.

Built by data nerds

AI Optimization

Our powerful algorithms analyze and predict the performance of each targeting & audience, then automatically create a number of new combinations that will generate the most improvement for your existing campaign.

Embracing what human are good at

The Power of Creative

Finding out the right creative could be very challenging. Flobox's multi-variant creative tool allows you to create and test large amounts of creatives in minutes.
Flobox Plus users also have access to our creative partner network, who are talented at creating different types of engaging content.

Precisely measure what is important to you.

Customized Report

Access insightful dashboard & reports showing metrics that are important and actionable for your brand. Dive deep into each campaign and see what are the key drivers for your business goal.

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