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I’m a small business

Small businesses love the ability to create full funnel advertising strategies without having to take a digital marketing course.

I’m an agency

Agencies love the efficiency and time saving that Flobox provides, allowing more focus on creating client value rather than crunching numbers in Excel.

I’m a brand

Brands love the ability to scale sophisticated campaigns and data-driven optimizations without additional headcount. 

Case Study: Renowned Australian alcohol brand

Flobox’s optimization algorithms were able to optimize the client’s Facebook advertising campaigns and improve the average cost per result by 42% on the same budget.


cost improvement

Average 42% improvement in cost per result across all campaigns.


Improvement in internal efficiencies and productivity.

Features that will change the way you do business…

Our sophisticated AI advertising software extends beyond human capabilities.

Full Funnel advertising

Easily visualise, strategise and create full funnel advertising campaigns without needing the expertise.

Audience Optimization

Use Flobox’s proprietary audience optimization algorithm to find, test and deploy new audiences for higher ROI.

CReative optimization

Drive 1:1 conversations with your audience through personalized creative recommendations from Flobox’s AI.


Automatically pause and re-allocate budget between low performing audiences and high performing audiences, never waste ad spend again.

always on

Our algorithms run 24/7, 365 days of the year. Unlike humans, robots do not sleep.

Free updates

Any new features or upgrades will always be availble to users free of charge.


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